Thursday, 11 December 2008

Nana's Puppies

December 2nd 2008 we welcomed the safe arrival of
Nana's 11 gorgeous puppies:

5 Brindle Dogs
2 Brindle Bitches
2 Fawn Dogs
2 Fawn Bitches

Nana is a wonderful mother with her babies,
who are all doing great and keeping me busy!
Walter isn't sure what to make of his new sons & daughters
and each time they make a sound he runs away claiming
they're "bullying him!"
Photos taken at 2 days and 1 week old!


Gennasus said...

At last the pups have made it onto the blog! Looking gorgeous of course.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Well done Nana, clever girl! And Mr & Mrs Great Dane for all the sleepless nights! And Walter the Hunk daddy, great job! Aww, they look all warm and squirmy, I want a cuddle!!
Nicky and the Beagles xx

karensbrae said...

Congrats to Nana and Walter.

wyvisview said...

Ahh! Really cute BIG bundles of fluff! Wow, you are going to have a really busy Christmas! Well done all of you. Can't wait to see one at a show!

britny said...

They are adorable, hard to believe such little bundles will turn into huge great danes! But omg 11 puppies how do you cope with them lol good luck!

Congratulations :-)

Linda said...

Well done to Nana - rather you two than us ...! Hope you enjoy Christmas - get the feeling it won't be a very peaceful one in your house! See you next year
Linda & Ron and all at Linconor

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