Saturday, 20 September 2008

We are Mark and Joanne, and share our home with the

Not forgetting "Seumas" our GSD, 4 sheep, 3 cats , 13 chickens,
9 ducks and until recently pigs and turkeys!
We live in a peaceful setting of Banffshire.
Only a short distance away from Morays malt whisky trail.
SEUMELGA GREAT DANES are a small kennel specialising in
Brindle and Fawn Great Danes. Our love of these gentle giants has
grown since owning our first Dane in 1993, we began showing our
dogs and bred our first litter in 2005.
We hope you enjoy this blog, meeting our "family" and sharing our
wonderful breed!

In 2003 we were granted our affix


Taking the name from our GSD SEUMAS

and our late Brindle bitch HELGA.

When we're not walking the dogs, and of course training for obedience classes!!

We are cleaning out the other members of the menagerie..........

Chistmas Eve 2005 we welcomed our first SEUMELGA litter.

A litter of 12 puppies, from which we kept

Walter and Annie.


We have enjoyed great success in the show ring with

Walter and Annie

"Handsome hunk and Magnolia" to their friends!!


ANNIE ( Seumelga Pussy Galore)

  • 1st PB Belfast ( CH. ) Sept 2006
  • BPIS Scottish Great Dane Club (o) Dec 2006
  • BIS Highland ( L ) Feb 2007
  • 2nd JB Northern Great Dane Club (CH) March 2007
  • 1st JB Scottish Great Dane Club (CH) April 2007
  • BIS Turriff (O) July2007
  • BOB G4 Angus and Kincardine (O) Sept 2007
  • 1st JB Dane Of The Year (O) Oct 2007
  • 3rd PGB Scottish Great Dane Club (CH) April 2008
  • 2nd PGB SKC (CH) May 2008
  • BOB G3 Banff Moray and Nairn (O) May 2008
  • BOB G1 Turriff (O) July 2008
  • 1st LB SKC (CH) Aug 2008
  • 2nd LB Belfast (CH) Sept 2008
  • October 2008 sh CM!!!!!!



  • 2nd PD Belfast (CH) Sept 2006
  • RBPIS Scottish Great Dane Club (O) Oct 2006
  • RBIS St. Andrews (L) Jan 2007
  • 3rd JD Scottish Great Dane Club (CH) April 2007
  • 2nd JD SKC (CH) May 2007
  • 1st JD Scottish Great Dane Club (O) June 2007
  • 1st JD Border Union (CH) June 2007
  • BOB Bon Accord Jan 2008
  • 1st O Brindle Scottish Great Dane Club (CH) April 2008
  • 1st PGD SKC (CH) May 2008
  • 1st PGD Border Union (CH) June 2008
  • 2nd LD SKC (CH) Aug 2008
  • 2nd LD Belfast (CH) Sept 2008
  • BOB G3 BM & N (O) Oct 2008


Gennasus said...

Hooray! You've got started, looking forward to more

wyvisview said...

ha, ha you have been busy this weekend too, I see!
Will be back to see your updates!!


karensbrae said...

Found it!!!


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Yippee, we're all blogging now! Love the Brindle theme on the blog, and what a lovely photo of Seamus and Helga.
N xx

Mogs said...

Very Good Mrs! Lovely photos keep it up now! X

wyvisview said...

Absolutely love the pic of the puppies! Bet that lot kept you busy??!

wyvisview said...

very well done for last weekend! Thoroughly deserved, she is a beautiful dog.


Dughallmor Beagles said...

Hey Mr & Mrs Great Dane......where you at with all the updates? Too busy holly-picking....or are you having camera trouble??
Methinks you are too busy dreaming up witty comments to leave on other dog blogs!

Mark and Joanne said...

Hope the recent updates keep you
hungry bloggers happy (for now!)
Esp you, Mrs. Beagle! Yes, we have been
busy with the holly wreaths but hope to have everything under control now........Will keep Mark's finger on the button whilst he is puppy sitting he'll need something to do!! ha ha!