Friday, 21 November 2008

Nana (Cheney Nana Chipampi at Seumelga)

We welcomed Nana to "Brankie" in 2006! All the way from Northampton, home of CHENEY
GREAT DANES. We thank Maggie Down for Nana and of course our late brindle girl Helga!
Nana is Helga's niece, and cousin to Walter & Annie!
Having enjoyed the show scene Nana also enjoys her obedience classes and has obtained her
Good citizens Silver award. Nana is now "Going for gold" but for now is on maternity leave!

Puppies due December 2008, watch this space...................


Dughallmor Beagles said...

"Mrs Beagle" says, nice to see you blogging again! Now hurry up and collect your "Gold Paw" award before it drops off the bottom of my page, you know what us daily bloggers are like! It's for Naughty Nana and her pregnant belly.
Slobbers xx

Gennasus said...

Nana should meet up with Gypsy, they could compare bellies! Of course, having done it all before, Gypsy would also be saying "....and I was in labour for 72 hours, not a nurse to be seen and no pain relief!"